Sociotechnical Systems to Enable Smart & Connected Energy-Aware Residential Communities


About picture Our project aims to develop a new paradigm for smart and connected residential communities that engages inhabitants in understanding and reducing their home energy use while increasing their environmental awareness, responsiveness to collective goals, and improving their quality of life. Our research examines how individuals, groups, and residential communities make decisions related to their home energy consumption. Based on this knowledge, we develop feedback mechanisms integrated into user-interactive smart devices to enable optimal energy management. In collaboration with our community partners (the Indiana Housing and Community Development Agency and BWI, LLC), smart and connected (S&C) technology has been implemented in several hundred households in multiple residential communities across Indiana which are used as research test-beds covering a wide range of demographics, locations, and construction.

The project is funded by NSF #1737591.

Meet the Team

Project Leader


Panagiota Karava

Jack and Kay Hockema Associate Professor in Civil Engineering

Smart Building Technology, Building Energy and Comfort Delivery Systems, Human-building Interactions

Principal Investigators


Jim Braun

Herrick Professor of Engineering, Director of the Center for High Performance Buildings

Thermal systems modeling and optimization, Intelligent controls applied to building systems, Automated diagnostics


Ilias Bilionis

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Uncertainty Quantification, Scientific Machine Learning, Predictive Science


Julia Rayz

Associate Professor of Computer and Information Technology

Ontologies, Natural Language Understanding, Computational Humor, Fuzzy Logic


Leigh Raymond

Professor of Political Science

Social norms and environmental policy, Energy and climate policy, Non-economic behavioral motivations


Torsten Reimer

Associate Professor of Communication and Psychology, Brian Lamb School of Communication, Communication and Cognition Lab

Judgment and Decision Making, Smart Technologies and Social Influence, Risk Perception and Environmental Behavior

Grad Students


Sang woo Ham

Ph.D. student, Civil Engineering

Building energy, Building mechanical system


Hayden Barber

Ph.D. Candidate, Brian Lamb School of Communication

Emotion in messages, Decision-making, Computers as social actors, Interpersonal scripts in new media technologies


Huijeong Kim

Ph.D. Student

Smart Buildings, Eco-feedback Design, Decision Science


Jeonghyun Oh

Ph.D. Student, Brian Lamb School of Communication

Organizational Communication, Judgment and Decision Making, Technology and Communication


Marlen Promann Sergiwa

Sr UX Researcher; Interdisciplinary PhD candidate in Design, Technology, and Innovation Leadership

Human-centered Design, User Experience, Computer Supported Cooperation, Information Visualization, Perception and Cognition, Behavioral Nudging


Nathanael Johnson

Masters Student, Brian Lamb School of Communication

Technology Diffusion, User Experience in Technology


Seungjae Lee

Ph.D. Candidate

Human-Centered Buildings, Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Buildings, Building Optimal Control


Vanessa Kwarteng

Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Thermodynamics, Machine Learning, Systems Engineering

Community Engagement


Jacob Sipe

Executive Director

Affordable Housing, Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, System Changes Through Continuous Improvement

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