smart technology

Posterity Solar Grand Opening

Our team James E. Braun introduces our S&CC project at the Grand Solar opening of our Fort Wayne residential community (the event is hosted by our community partner, Gary Hobbs in June, 2021).

Resident interview

Our residents in Fort Wayne share their experiences with S&CC devices and social games during the interview with our team (PhD students: Huijeong Kim, Marlen Promann, and Sangwoo Ham).

Lottery winners

Our community residents are excited to win their lottery game rewards!

Social games in residential communities

Our team implements two social games on S&CC devices (Feb. 2021). A collaborative social game is launched in Fort Wayne community, while a competitive lottery game is provided in the Indianapolis community.

Onboarding residents to our new software

The second version of our software is launched in our residential communities located in Indianapolis (Nov. 2020) and Fort Wayne (Jan. 2021). Residents are onboarded to the new system via virtual walk-through in the tablet.

Installation of S&CC devices in our 2nd residential community

Our community partners (Rod Watts and Christopher Roberts) installed S&CC devices (tablets and Alexa) in our second residential community in Fort Wayne (Oct. 2020).

Software and experimental platform evaluation with a community partner

Our community partner Rod Watts evaluates the second version of our software and experimental platform (Dec 2019)

S&CC Devices and residents

Our community residents are excited to receive new S&CC technology!

Installation of S&CC Devices (Tablets and Amazon Alexa)

Our team (PhD students: Sang woo Ham, Huijeong Kim, Vanessa Kwarteng, Saltanat Tazhibaeva, Enrique Aldana) installs S&C devices (tablets and amazon alexa) in our residential community in Indianapolis (Jan. 2019).

Usability test with community residents

Our team conducts usability tests with selected community residents (November 2018)